Too often organizations fail to protect the inside of their network.
Those organizations need Netshield.
Firewalls are Not Enough
Firewalls block people from outside your network from getting in - almost every network is protected by one. But what is protecting the inside of your network? A firewall will not protect your network from:

  • Untrusted Devices. People are often surprised to see what is on their network. Netshield instantly shows you all devices, including mobile and other BYOD, as well as webcams, printers, and other IoT devices. Every device is a point of entry, and a vulnerability if not monitored.
  • Malware & Phishing. Too often, the behavior of people on your network are the biggest threat. Netshield scans traffic to block connection attempts to known malware and phishing sites, along with other suspicious destinations. Breaches happen when people are not careful – Netshield actively helps to prevent these types of breaches.

Intelligent Blocking
Netshield Intelligent Blocking allows institutions to set the rules. Our solutions can block rogue devices, including those you didn’t know were on your network like webcams and portable mobile devices. We can also block assets on your network from going to bad places, including known malware and phishing sites. Finally, institutions can integrate with their SIEM so that obvious, high-probability threats can also be instantly blocked. Doing business demands that blocking be limited. Intelligent blocking from Netshield allows institutions to do their business and still be protected from the most serious threats.
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