Banks and Credit Unions have a special trust with their customers and other stakeholders, in addition to substantial regulatory pressures.

This creates a cybersecurity burden unmatched by other small and midsized businesses.
Netshield is proud to be a trusted part of the overall cybersecurity solution for over 30 banks and credit unions, and that number is growing.

FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment
Baseline Cybersecurity Maturity is the important first objective for institutions. For Evolving Maturity, one key requirement is automated risk blocking, and Netshield can provide this. To learn more about how Netshield compliments FFIEC Cybersecurity guidelines, please click here

Supercharge Your SIEM – Why Milliseconds Matter
Many institutions turn to a SIEM to organize cybersecurity threat monitoring, detection, and responses, taking threat response times from days or weeks to hours or less. But…is that enough? Serious breaches can occur within seconds. If not instantly blocked, the cost of investigating and recovery can be crippling, not to mention the cost to the reputation of the institution and leadership.

Netshield is priced to make it more cost effective to stop breaches before they happen. Our solutions work with many SIEM implementations to provide intelligent blocking of threats. What can happen in seconds?Click here.

Intelligent Blocking
Netshield Intelligent Blocking allows institutions to set the rules. Our solutions can block rogue devices, including those you didn’t know were on your network like webcams and portable mobile devices. We can also block assets on your network from going to bad places, including known malware and phishing sites. Finally, institutions can integrate with their SIEM so that obvious, high-probability threats can also be instantly blocked. Doing business demands that blocking be limited. Intelligent blocking from Netshield allows institutions to do their business and still be protected from the most serious threats.

Cyber Insurance
Netshield is backed by a cyber insurance policy of up to $250,000 upon deployment. While most institutions already carry more coverage, the auditing required for this policy aids many institutions with compliance for those larger policies, and the added coverage from Netshield can sometimes offset some of the burden of other policies.


Netshield solutions instantly block untrusted devices, malware, phishing, and other high-probability threats without disrupting your business operations. Our solutions are designed for stretched IT staffs and limited budgets, providing powerful network protection at a fraction of the cost of most enterprise solutions and often deploy in under one hour per location.
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