Board of Directors

Eric Evans


Chairman Eric Evans has over 40 years’ experience in banking and investments. He is co-founder and Senior Managing Partner of Evans Hagen & Company, which is an independent investment bank dedicated to fostering the health, growth and expansion of small to medium size businesses throughout North America. Evans Hagen & Company prides themselves on their application of innovative thinking, integrity and a true long-term partnership to advise each client through its stages of growth. Evans Hagen & Company also provides litigation support and strategic consulting services to attorneys and their clients.

Eric has served in multiple leadership roles, to include CEO of Communications Corporation of America, CEO of RCA Business Telephone Systems and Senior VP with The Hallwood Group. Mr. Evans holds a BS Degree from Dickinson College and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Renee Guttmann


Renee Guttmann is a Chief Information Security/IT Executive with years of experience leading risk management programs that deliver business results. She has established world class information security and privacy programs for Fortune 50 companies. As a seasoned practitioner and early adopter, she has saved companies millions of dollars in product acquisition/deployment costs and risk avoidance.

Renee started her career when computer security was in its infancy. As the industry and risks evolved, she was an early adopter of new technologies and security best practices for secure coding, third party/supply chain due diligence and governance. Most recently, she was responsible for building the Digital Transformation information and cloud security architecture. She is currently consulting for several innovative companies with solutions to address GDPR compliance and SOC automation.

Her recent speaking topics include the intersection of cyber and physical security. She has been working with global leaders to raise awareness within the Maritime Industry including shipping, oil gas, port facilities and cruise lines.

Renee is passionate about the need to align executives and technical stakeholders. She serves both individuals and corporations by coaching, teaching and connecting interested parties.

W. Brian Harrigan


W. Brian Harrigan, a 39-year, career, entrepreneur focused on the insurance and employee benefits segment, is currently disrupting traditional, analog, insurance underwriting and distribution models with host of digital solutions. Mr. Harrigan is Founder, President and CEO of GBO/Insur IQ ( GBO focuses on the digital distribution of insurance products and “transformation through automation” of the insurance carrier/underwriter marketplace, deploying intelligent work flow software combining automated, straight through processing for all policy, premium and commission administration.

A sustainable, digital insurer can improve operating margins by 50%. GBO has pioneered the digital migration of consumer insurance purchasing with the InsurStore®, a turn-key, web-based, insurance agency platform that may be white-labeled as an extension of traditional products distributed by independent and captive insurance agents, insurance carriers, associations, affinity groups, financial institutions, etc. The InsurStore® deploys GBO’s proprietary software providing for a real-time, multi-product, multi-carrier, purchase and delivery experience with the capacity to offer products in any combination across the Life, A&H and P&C continuum for both personal lines and small business commercial clients.

The InsurStore® reflects the shift toward a digital marketplace for consumer purchasing of insurance and personal protection products.

Prior to establishing GBO, Mr. Harrigan founded ZON Re – USA, a specialty accident reinsurance underwriter. He was previously President, CEO and Director of NYSE listed: United Insurance Company, Inc. (UCI, now HealthMarkets), a financial services holding company.

Mr. Harrigan is a cum laude graduate of Harvard College with a major in economics

Michael Daugherty


Michael J Daugherty is Founder, President & CEO of LabMD, a cancer detection laboratory based in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as the author of the book The Devil Inside the Beltway, The Shocking Expose of the US Government’s Surveillance and Overreach into Cybersecurity, Medicine and Small Business.

Mike will rivet you about his blood in the water battle with the Federal Trade Commission over their unconscionable and relentless investigation into LabMD’s data security practices. This is an insiders look at how agencies grab for power by exploiting the small and weak to control the big and powerful. You will hear about Mike’s shrewd investigation of the investigator (FTC). This resulted in a House Oversight investigation, a stinging Congressional report about the FTC’s behavior, and criminal immunity from the Justice Department for a whistleblower. Mike exposes the real time maneuvers of government lawyers who are accustomed to no one looking.

Because of his work, Mike has testified before the House of Representatives House Oversight Committee, made speaking appearances discussing his battle and also covered in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg, and countless radio stations.

He regularly keynotes in front of healthcare, law, business and technology audience educating them on what to expect when the Federal Government investigates you. He holds a BA in Economics from University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, regularly blogs at He is also a pilot and resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jason Syversen


Director Jason Syversen has very deep experience in cyber security work, having worked previously with BIODE, Inc. as Lead Embedded Systems Engineer, with BAE Systems as Computer Network Operations Section Lead and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) as Program Manager in the Strategic Technology Office. In May, 2009, Jason founded Siege Technologies in Manchester, N.H. Siege Technologies provides world-class technical solutions to organizations looking to protect or analyze wireless systems, computer networks and their associated infrastructure. Siege is focused on providing maximum value for its diverse customer base, bringing unsurpassed expertise in cyber security to address challenges in an agile, customer focused environment. Jason successfully guided Siege Technologies to an acquisition by Nehemiah Security. Jason holds a B.S. Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Maine and a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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