Netshield's Mission is to be a trusted provider of cost effective, proactive security solutions to enhance organizations cyber-risk mitigation strategies.

Close security gaps and ensure only trusted, known assets connect to corporate networks
Provide real-time defense against cyber attacks including zero-days, phishing and ransomware
Enable IT professionals to regain control of their networks
Deliver actionable intelligence including vulnerability assessments, patch management and compliance reporting

Netshield's portfolio of highly scalable & affordable breach prevention solutions includes:

Netshield delivers critical network access control to ensure only trusted assets access corporate networks. Additionally, zero-day malware and phishing attack real-time quarantine, mac-spoof detection, TLD blocking, comprehensive auditing, vulnerability assessments, and compliance reporting & enforcement make this a comprehensive and compelling offering. Netshield is available as a hardware appliance that scale from 25 to 10,000 protected assets per appliance. In addition, an embedded command center allows administrators to manage up to 1000 remote sites.
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